Visiting Group in PyCon JP 2019

PyCon is a platform for Python users to get together for Python. This year, people affiliated with PyCon TW formed a visiting group to attend PyCon JP. It’s the first international outreach from PyCon TW, and a great opportunity for us to experience different culture.


The theme of PyCon JP 2019 is "Python New Era", an idea of the new era in Japan and the new era of Python3.
(The picture is from PyCon JP 2019 official website)
PyCon JP 2019 is held September 14 to 17 at Tokyo. September 14th and 15th are Development Sprints and Tutorial Day, respectively. The conference is on September 16th and 17th at Ota Cty Industrial Plaza (PiO).
The conference includes keynotes, invited talks, technical talks, poster sessions, jobs fair, lightning talks, and many other activities. The topics of them involve project case studies, machine learning, data science, web programming, etc. This year PyCon JP has 951 participants in the conference alone, and 1160 participants including sprints and tutorials. It is the largest body of total participants ever. (See also https://www.pycon.jp/organizer/ .) And here is the schedule of the conference (youtube videos are attached): https://pycon.jp/2019/schedule/ .
Also, our visiting group took notes for the sprint, the welcome party, and the conference on HackMD: