PyCon TW 2021 is About to Start

The conference notification regarding your login token of the Discord server, Gather.Town venue, and YouTube live streaming will be sent to your email address when you brought your ticket. Please pay attention to your email inbox, or the spam if you don't see it. If you still don't receive the email, please refer to the "Online Registration" session below to contact us.

You may be interested in the other information of the events during the conference. If so, please see below.


行前信將於 10/1 早上寄發到您購票時所留下的 email 信箱,內有您專屬登入大會 discord 、 Gather.Town 與 Youtube 直播連結。如果您未收到這類信件,請協助我們檢查您的垃圾信信箱,或是參考下方 discord 註冊櫃台的使用說明,讓我們的大會志工協助您處理。