PyCon TW 2021 is About to Start

The conference notification regarding your login token of the Discord server, Gather.Town venue, and YouTube live streaming will be sent to your email address when you brought your ticket. Please pay attention to your email inbox, or the spam if you don't see it. If you still don't receive the email, please refer to the "Online Registration" session below to contact us.

You may be interested in the other information of the events during the conference. If so, please see below.

Welcome to PyCon Taiwan 2021. We are very excited to have you with us in this wonderful event. This is our first virtual Python conference in Taiwan and the grand opening is on 2 October. We have prepared an exciting program and other activities for you. Below is a summarized information for reference.

Online Registration

Discord is our official messaging platform during this virtual conference. We will use corresponding channels on Discord for official announcements, talk discussions, and as the service desk.

Please use the following link to join official PyCon Taiwan 2021 Discord server: https://discord.gg/dr5JmVFNtj

To gain access to the discussion channels, register according to the PyConTW Discord Guideline page. You should now see a few new channels should show up in the left navigation bar.

For safety reasons, you can not send messages to the ⚠|registration-desk channel. Please use the bot for registration. If you encounter any issues, please send a message to any discord manager, or send a message to the public general channel mentioning @discord manager. Do not post your token value in a public channel.

Virtual Venues

We constructed the virtual venue on Gather Town to provide a better interaction experience for attendees.To learn how to use Gather.Town, please read this manual.

Use the email address  ${EMAIL} you used to purchase the ticket on KKTIX to log into Gather.Town. Once you are logged in, you can utilize the following links to enter different venues directly.

Click to enter Space1 (R0, R1, Open Space)

Click to enter Space2 (R2, R3, Lightning Talks)

A single Gather.Town space is limited to 500 users. If you cannot enter a Gather.Town space due to hardware capacity or other difficulties, please try the other space, or watch our live broadcast on YouTube instead.



Our program includes keynotes, 43 talks, and 3 tutorials. Refer to PyCon TW 2021 Schedule for further details.

There are four main rooms for keynotes, talks, and tutorials. R0 and R1 are in Space1 on Gather.Town, while R2 and R3 are in Space2.

After logging into Gather.Town, you can move to the corresponding room to attend talks, and use Slido for Q&A. Feel free to use the Mingle Lounge to interact with other attendees after the talk.


Open Space

Open Space is located at the bottom left corner of Space1.

Unlike the conventional program, Open Space allows participants to design and layout their plans. It allows any attendee to organize a special gathering space. The topic can be anything, even non-technical!

To sign up for your topic of interest, fill out the following form Open Space Registration and you will be granted your own Gather.Town room during 14:30–15:20 on 3 October (Day 2).


PyNight will be held in Gather.Town. Enter Secret Portal 3 at 17:45 on 2 October (Day 1).

PyNight is an extension to our annual BoF activity where the Python community can socialize and network. PyNight will be officially held at 17:45. It is highly recommended that attendees join us while having dinner so they can enjoy our Q&A challenge (prizes awarded). The Q&A Challenge starts at 18:30. Join us for a chance to win a prize.

Share your comment: https://padlet.com/allen91wu/5s6dz3vuk5w0wm8g 

Do you want to say something to PyConTW or PyCast? Or do you want to share the moments that impress you on the show? Or simply want to shout: "I'm on the show." Welcome to leave a message. We will pick out interesting messages and read them on PyNight, your message will be a part of PyCast as well!


Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks are located at the bottom left corner of Space2.

The talks will also be featured on YouTube in the R0 broadcast.

Lightning Talks are as fast as lightning. Each speaker has five minutes to present and the clock starts ticking as the slides are presented. The speaker will have to finish their talk in a fast and precise manner. Failing to do so will result in being kicked out of the meeting room. If you are interested in signing up for one of our Lightning shows, fill out our sign-up sheet Lightning Talk Registration to enter a draw. We will announce the speaker for each day at 13:00. Registration will roll over to the next day, so the earlier you sign up, the higher is the chance of being drawn!


Job Fair

The Job Fair will be broadcasted in all rooms during 14:40–16:10 on Day 2.

Our Job Fair specifically targets Software Engineers (Python) positions. It allows our sponsors to promote their company and potential job openings on stage. Attendees can utilize the opportunity to communicate with sponsors, network, or even pass out their resume. We encourage you to speak to our sponsors if you are interested in working for their company.

There will also be a Job Board at the top corner of Space1 and Space2.

Wide Game

Our Wide Game this year involves 3 challenges within the arcade machines. you can collect the redeem codes of gifts by passing the challenges. Once you have passed the 3 challenges, you will need to decode the hidden clues to find the correct passage through the rainbow bridge. All that has been done, your name will be put into a raffle.

Visit our sponsors and keep an eye on any details for clues.

Food and Recipes

If you have trouble deciding what to eat when attending the conference remotely, here are some recipes you can try. Take a photo and share it on Discord!


We will send electronic invoices directly to your email address after the event. Please feel free to contact organizers@pycon.tw for any questions.

Finally, please read our Code of Conduct and comply accordingly during the event. Let us enjoy and cherish the moments during PyConTW 2021, share and inspire each other!

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